Around Washington DC 

more pictures from around the DC area. And yep, more cats!

Why yes, we are cat lovers, why do you ask?

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Let's start with some more CATS!

The cuddlesome foursome on our bed

The Americats Pose for us

One of the Aussiecats (tiggy) looking imperious

The Other Aussiecat (BC) giftwrapped

Boycat, aka Cinders, aka feline of the opera, in a "before" pose...

And the "after" shot.. I vant to suck your blood..

Cinders singing!

In May, Mark contracted Bell's Palsey. No, he's not pulling a funnyface here, that is really what he looked like for a while.

Mostly recovered by August, he could smile mostly.

Mark at his "desk" in November.. mostly recovered and looking comfortable if slovenly.

Mark again at home

One of our room mates, Cat in her natural habitat.

Our other room mate, Amanda, in her natural habitat, Mandy Central, aka our living room.

Mark in his courier uniform.

Yes kids, here it is... the (in)famous Queue, aka "stubby" the ponytail. Retch now if you will! 

The big snowstorm of 5th Dec 2002 dumped a *whole* 6 inches of snow. Mark worked throughout.

F St. DC NW. 2 inches of ice on the road.

F St looking the other way.

One of the traffic circles in downtown DC.

A church through the snow.

Another church off the same cirlce.

Some dude's statue

We happened to drive past the Australian embasy in DC.

Lots of slush on the roads. It had not yet had time to refreeze into ice

Snowcakes anyone? The daily maximum temp was around 34F, or 1C that day. At noon, it was still 22F or -6C

The infamous watergate hotel. We delivered to the attached office building in the back

The John F Kenedy center for the prforming arts.. big sucker of a building!

It's so cold the sewer vents steam.. sometimes obscuring traffic. In NY they sometimes put chimneys in hte middle of the road to help with this

Icicles on cars.

Same parking lot, just to show the depth of snow

Mark in the car doing deliveries in the snowstorm.

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