Christmas in Rhode Island 

Well, We spent Christmas 2001 in Rhode Island USA with Briana's Family.
While we were there they has 3 inches of snow, which was pretty special for Mark, who had never seen snow fall before.

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Bree's Folks house in the snow

The street they live in looks beutiful in snow

Bree's mother, Marilyn had broken her ankle

Marilyn speaks with her hands a lot...

Bree's StepfatherDave  relaxing

Dave was on the phone to work a lot too.

Bree's Aunt Nila dropped by as well

Christmas day, and her brother David showed up!

Bree and her brother

Bree's aunt Chick and Grandma

The oldsters seem to have had a good time...

While we were doing the present thing, Marilyn relaxes and rests the leg.

Bree's Cousin AJ Christmas day

AJ clowing it up during the present giving

Bree's cousin Lisa playing with the dog

A family friend, Ana, Christmas day. Ana was a blast!

Ana and Marilyn relaxing

Gift Giving with Nushkie!

Dave Senior while the presents are being given out

Bree and AJ Christmas day

Bree Christmas day.. is'nt she beutiful??

That evening we all relaxed

Bree looking tired

Bree and Nushkie

Dave Jr and Nushkie

Dave and that dog look like pretty good friends..


Dave and dog

The dog resting. Cute, is'nt she?

Nushkie in her cage.

Dave and Nushkie again

Mark relaxing Christmas day

Mark smiling

Mark again

Bree could'nt help mussing my hair

It snowed, and we went out to play in it..

Bree vamping it up!

Our car being slowly covered in snow

OK, it's not so strange to the US types, but Aussies dont see much of this stuff!

In the morning the car had 3 inches all over it!

Mark in front of the car

The air was magic...

Big smiles, this was an event for Mark

Out front of Bree's parents place.

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