Welcome to the Lambert Family Dinner

Held at Planet Hollywood, Melbourne, July 2001

Welcome one and all to the Lambert Family Dinner. here are a few pictures we took that night!

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Andrew at McDonnalds before the Event

Andrew and Rachel at Mac Donnalds

Rachel at Mac Donalds 

Deborah didnt want her picture taken...

But we got her in the end!

And again...

Rachel in the waiting area at Planet Hollywood..

Of course, the Dinner was organised to allow the younger lamberts to get to know this beutiful lady!

And here she is again!

This is after the announcement of her engagement to this guy..

Mark and Bree together..

The occasion also marked a birthday!

All a bit too much..

And the party started to get a bit silly!

Andy doing his We-Are-Not-Amused act!

Andrew and a silly face!

Deborah being silly too..

Deborah being somewhat sane

Mark and the kids..

Mark and the kids again..

The whole gang!

The happy couple!

Have fun!

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