Welcome to Briana and Mark's stay in Chicago.

Between October 2005 and January 2006

In October of 2005, Mark took a new job with an AV company based out of Chicago. The new people wanted us to stay in Chicago for a couple of months for Mark
to familiarize himself with the new company's procedures and practices. While there, Mark got a new camera... and here are some of the pix we took with it!

 As always, click on the picture to get a larger image.

Bree cuddling our newest cat

Her name is Moonlight!

Is she not cute?

I think Bree is cute too!

Even if she does NOT like her picture taken.

The (in)famous "tree on head" picture!

Bree relaxing on the King Size bed

More of that mischevious cat!

You will see a lot of her.

Mark's getting old, but the earring looks good!

Tell me when you are sick of cat pix!

Sleeping in Mark's Jeans

Mooney with her idols.. the Bad Cats!


Looking Regal

OK, enough cat pictures! (for now)

Our car in the apartment parking lot

Briana looking slimmer than ever!

This is the apartment block we stayed in.

They call this suburb "Elk Grove Village"

Complete with Elk!

Elks in the mist?

These guys were not fighting, more like scrubbing each others antlers

Long shot of their enclosure

That's all we have so far. Stand by for more now that Mark has gone snap-happy again!

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