Little Desert National Park

The border between South Australia and Victoria, May 2000

This was a three day weekend trip that was so popular that the convoy had to be broken into two groups of nine vehicles each. This desert is usually sandhills and scrub, with a lot of mallee scrub trees. Only it rained constantly the whole weekend, turning the tracks into bog holes. It was quite fun to be churning along tracks in ruts as deep as the truck doors, sometimes with the steer wheels in a different set of ruts to the rear wheels! The camping was quite wet, but a lot of fun under comunal tarps near a fire. Sorry there are so few pix, but we were having too much fun driving to snap photos! Also they seem blurry, mostly becasue of the crap scanner I had in 2000.

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These are the tracks we followed.

Doesn't look much like a desert, huh?

We were part of the second convoy.

We were part of the second convoy. Look at the ruts!

A wide open place of mud holes!

Re-inflating tires before the road trip home.

My own truck at the tire stop, homeward bound.

Have fun!

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