At home with our cats 

These pictures are of our cats and our new roommate.

Click on the picture to get a larger Images.

The view from our bedroom window

Bree cuddling Cinders and Tiggy

Bree in our bed with the cats

The cats look comfy!

Cinders patting Bree's face

A love afair made in feline heaven!

Cinders lapping it up!

Cinders looks pretty comfortable

Bree and Goose reading

scritch scritch scritch..

Goose looks comfy too.

Goose relaxing in the new crate

Goose up close

Goose and her "dont screw with me" look!

Mandy doing a rabbit impression

A better shot of Amanda

Pookie looking comfy

Tiggy saying "lemme eat the camera"

Tiggy on our bed

Goose doing Kill! Kill! Kill!!

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