Steve Irwins Australia Zoo



The Australia Zoo was pretty impressive. I was expecting a third rate tourist trap, but it was well laid out, well run and all in all was a pretty good place.

The prices were steep, but that was to be expected. Mr Irwin seems to be a sharp businessman. The place was undergoing another expansion as we visited. Not to mention Tour Bus after Tour Bus.

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The front entrance and shop.

This place has a walk-in kanga pen, where bree FINALLY got to pet a roo!

Which saved my life, as Bree was going to kill me if she didnt pet one soon!

But she loved the furry critters anyway.

There was a white kangaroo there, an Albino. The staff *insisted* it was NOT albino....

Merely the product of albino parents! "Its just a white kanga!"

Which didn't stop bree from appreciating his fur!

I even got to pat a couple.

There was the obligatory Koala.

And a Giant Tortise.

There was a well laid out Dingo enclosure too

The Australian Native Dog is a good looking mutt!

Feeding time!

The croc pens were well laid out, with big stands.. but the crocs were pretty hard to spot. Camoflage, ya know.

We did spot this guy, he was HUGE.

They had whole swags of American Aligators there.

They had a couple of Tazmanian Devils, too.

But they wern't being very co-operative with the camera!

Bree posing

A brolga is a beutiful bird with irridescant plumage.

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