Ayers Rock



Ayers Rock. This place is magical. Even for a proffesional Curmugeon like Mark!
The rock lies right out there.. 240Km from the main highway.
The Tourist hotels are expensive.. being alone out in the desert and all. We lucked out though, and got one of the few rooms left, a suit with it's own kitchen, for a reasonable rate. We had a ball here at Ayres Rock.
Most of these shots were taken on one of the "must do" things at The Rock. watching the sun set over the thing. The colours!
Lots of pix, as Bree went mad with the digicam!

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The road to Ayers Rock. The desert's colour is due..

to the Spinafex vegatation.

Deadly dull, most of it.

On the way out, Mt Connor fooled us for a while, thinking it was THE rock.

Looks similar.

Spectacular in it's own right.

A few of the spectacular colours in the desert sands. pity its blured!

One of the other attractions out there is The Olgas. A BIG stack of rocks. These shots arent very good unfortunately.

Another of the Olgas. We didnt get there this trip. Maybe next time.

The rock from a distance, as we drove up to it for the sunset..

It looks tiny, from 12 miles away...

But as you get closer..

And closer..

And closer still (we are still about 7 miles out here)

Finally at the viewing area, still 3 or 4 miles from the thing!

Once parked, we played with lighting and poses a bit.

This was taken at the same time as the previous shot. Only with Bree's we used the flash.

The sunset around the rock

Various views of the rock as the sunset progressed.

Sunset over the Rock

Sunset over the Rock

Sunset over the Rock

Mark taking pictures of the Rock

We had fun. We took some nibblies...

And some drinks.. and some oysters in oil.

Which sliped when opened, causing a MOST embarassing oil Stain!!

We had a lot of fun, clowning around and snaping pix of everything!

Bree looking Cold and coy!

Egad, the things we photographed! The black hole of Mark-cutta?

Enough pix of me!

A Nice tourist took these for us..

Even though he wasnt a very good photographer..

He got some reasonable shots.

A Great shot of bree!

Next day we went back and took a good look around the place in the day. Some sand dunes on the way there.

The rock from afar again. Its about 3 miles long and a mile wide, and a 1,000 feet high.

We spent some time at the foot of the rock.

Mark at the foot of the Rock

Bree at the foot again.

Mark with his hat off at the foot of Ayers Rock.

Pretty damn desolate. But still filled with this indefinable grandure. The rock dominates the land around it.

Climbers on the rock

Closer shot of the climbers. It takes 3 hours to do this climb.

They also have many heart attack victims and dehydration on the climb. We declined to go.

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