The Harbour Tour



Sydney harbour is huge. It has 250 miles of coastline. it is also
Incredibly beutiful. Bree fell in love with it on sight.

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The group on the previous boat to us.

This is a similar boat to the we went on. It was a lunch cruise, and a very nice boat ride!

The view of Sydney's north shore as we left Circular Quay.

The city skyline from the boat.

It was shortly after Anzac day, so the fleet was still in.

A Guided Missile Crusier maybe?

This is all part of the Garden Island navy base.

More of the Navy

A few views of the Bridge.

More bridge. Did you know it was built in the 1930's?

Closer shot of the bridge. Note those mad climbers!

Sick of the bridge yet? :)

Now a couple of views of the Operahouse, from the water.

Nice, eh?

There is an old fort in the harbour. it was used at one point for unruly prisoners, and earned the nickname "pinchgut"

We passed by the Sydney Botanical Gardens, too.

A view into one of the nice sheltered bays.

Some views of Sydney heads. There is a nudie beach around here somewhere too..

The heads are only one mile wide

Bree couldnt get over the limitless ocean

More of Sydney Heads.

Some of the houses that line the harbour.

Some of these places sell for upwards of 10 Million.

That is, if they go on the market at all.

The Bounty resteraunt moves out for lunch

The happy couple at sea!

And so we return to Circular Quay, after 2 hours of pleasant experience.

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