Rhode Island



Rhode Island is the state that Bree's folks live in. Lovely state. Mark fell in love with New England. it was pretty damn good up there and Bree's folks were great. Dave, Brees Stepfather, and I went to a naval Museum and we went all over a battleship and a submarine.

All in all it was a good time, although it was pretty hot and no airconditioning in our bedroom made for sleepless nights. The dog was cute though!

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Bree with her Mother, Marilyn, and Stepfather, Dave.

And the Dog, Minushka

Bree's Parents

Parents again

Bree's Stepfather Dave

Brees Mother, Marilyn

Mother again

Bree's Aunt Nila. A very nice lady.

Aunt Nila

Bree behaving herself at her mothers. Awesome!

Bree's folks have a dog, named Minushka. Minush for short. It's a chocolate labrador.

At the time, this dog is a large puppy, and is as mad as a cut snake!

Cute, but into everything, and everyone!

You couldnt leave anything lying around that house, beleive it!

Can you tell the Dog is a member of the family?

Dave is training her for retrieving, as in hunting dog.

it's spoilt rotten!

And knows it!

Mark with his future in-laws!

And the dog, must'nt forget the dog..

A shot of Bree with one of the GH actors, taken after Mark left.

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