Circular Quay



Cirular Quay is the site of the first settlement in Australia.
The Quay itself is a tourist destination, plus it is the main harbour
ferry terminal. It is flanked by the Harbour bridge, on one side, and
the Opera house on the other.

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The harbour from the pier as we walked around the hotel apron.

Luna Park from the Hotel. Pity they closed it 10 weeks before!

Bree posed a few times on the way under the Bridge

And another pose

These hinges hold up the Bridge. The pylons are cosmetic.

Bree posing for the Camera again

The City skyline as you round the bridge

A Harbour Ferry heading for the Quay

Luna Park again.

A couple of shots of the Opera house, from under the bridge

Nice shot

The base of the bridge. Note the climbers

On the breakwater by Circular Quay

On the breakwater again

More of those mad bastards climbing the bridge

You would NOT get me climbing up there!


They built this half-scale replica of the Bounty for the Mel Gibson flick. Now it is a resteraunt.

Posing with the bounty

Hey, where did the Bounty go?

Bree posing once more. You will get a lot of this!

We came across this Guy with a trained parrot. The thing can fly away anytime, but doesnt

Bree and the red necked Lorikeet

Quite tame...

Lots of kids loved the Lorikeet

The guy had the bird on the back of a model car. moving quite fast, too

We had lunch at the Sydney Oyster bar, very nice!

Towards Evening, we walked over to the Opera House...

Bree on the seawall by the Operahouse

Bree looking Cozy on the Seawall

Dusk on the Operahouse. it is nearly dark, but High speed film makes it look not.

Bree against the tiles of the Operahouse

Full dark by the Opera house

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