Katherine. 250 miles south of Darwin. Population about 6,000. Armpit of the Universe, save that Marks Father lives there.

We stayed with them for 3 days on the family property. 200 Acres backed onto the Katherine River, about 10 miles out of town. Dad was quite taken with Bree, but he couldnt help himself with scaring the poor girl with stories of snakes, cane toads, crocodiles and (especially) spiders!

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Mark and his father, Ron, and his stepmother Minya

Minya at the Kitchen sink

Of course, Mark learned how to be a curmugeon at his fathers Knee...

Dad spends most of his time on his tractor, tending the Property.

Dad on the tractor again

He lives on the damn thing.

There must be huge mosquitos in the NT!

Dad and Bree convinced me to shave the beard at this point.. one last pic with it..

And ta-da! no beard!!

Relaxing at home in Katherine

Filling the car on our way south after our visit

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