MacKay (pronounced Mc-eye) is in tropical North Queensland. It is a sugar and coal mining area, and also home to Marks brother and mother, whome we have come to visit. Mark hasn't seen his brother in 10 years or more, or his mother in 5 or so. A day trip into the mountains is also undertaken.

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Marks Brother Stephen

Another shot of the two guys.

The tattoos that gave Steve the nickname "bulltits"

Stephen on the phone

Bree laughing. We had a great time with Steve.

Steve again

Mark having a good time

Dress standards are pretty relaxed up in the tropics

Bree looking introspective

Mark again

More pix of Mark.. we were experimenting with the new camera.

Steve side view.

Bree, colecting her mail for the first time in a week!

Bree with a WHIP!!!!!

Sorry Bree, but you dont scare me with that!

The tropics gives you a BIG thirst..

For Cordial!

At the Hogsbreath Cafe with Stephen

Bree reakons he looks a bit like Phil Collins..

It was a great evening!

We took mother out for a drive into the mountains, to a lovely cafe on a mountaintop.

They regularly have Hang Gliders flying from that ramp.. Hmm.. NOT ME!!

Mother, Bree and Stephen

Mark, Bree and Stephen (courtesy of Mum's camera)

That pair again!

Family snap

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