Melbourne. Home again! 4 weeks around Australia, racking up 12,000km (7,500 miles) on our little hire car. We were both exhasted, but bree moreover was still very sick from some tropical bug picked up in Katherine. We did no touring, instead resting until it was time for her to fly home.
We did spend a lot of time with Marks Cats!

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The Nissan Pulsar that served us so well, before cleaning!

Lots of insects met thier end at our merciless hands!

Not to mention the dust of most of the outback!

We cleaned it ourselves. Didnt want the hire car co to think we had abused thier car!

Get ready of lots of redundant pictures of us!

More of Mark

Mark Pouting

More Mark. Sick yet?

Meanwhile, Bree lay around a lot, and played with Tiggy and Cinders.

The cats got quite attached to bree!

This is one of my favourite shots of Bree.. of course, she hates it!

Tigressa, aka Tiggy, just hammed it up for the camera!

Cinders and Tiggy checking out stuff

Cinders aka Boycat aka Jonnacat playing with the curtain

The two animals playing

Tiggy playing haughty

Tiggy half asleep. Do you get the impression we are cat people yet?

Closeup of the Tigster.

And now a few pix a bored Bree took of me at my computer.

Dont you love the wallpaper?

Even when my back was turned!

Umm.. My desk is a little.. busy, what?

Not to say *messy*, understand!

Boy was I getting sick of being photographed by then!

Bree calls this shot "Wow, I look like Aunt NI!!. Cant see it, myself.

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