Taronga Park Zoo



One day we took a ferry ride over to Taronga Zoo. It was fun.
The ticket included the ferry ride, a cable car to the top, and Zoo admition.

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First stop was the Koala pen. They were'nt really interested is us.

more Koalas

And More Koalas

A couple of shots of Red Pandas

Red Pandas are nice

The obligatory shot of my Lady outside the loos...

Of course, she wasnt happy about these denziens of the Zoo, right over the path to the Toilet..

Some of the Views from the top of the Zoo

More Panoramas

View including the Cable Car from the ferry terminal to the Top.

The Zoo is on a steep hill. The only way to do it right is top to bottom.

You can't getaway from that bridge, it dominates the city skyline

The Seal Pool, as seen from above.

Bree with one of the school "try it and see" exibits...

My, what big ears you have, grandma....

We are both fond of cats, large and small...

So we took a few pics of this leopard family..

They looked pretty cool.

More Cute Leopards.

Enough Leopards!

Otters are sooo funny..

Kissy Kissy!

Smile for the Camera Mr Otter!

Whassat? Whassat?

We finished our tour of the Zoo with the Bear enclosures.

Poor things looked hot.

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