The Road to The Northern Territory



The next leg would take us to Marks Fathers place in the Nothern Territory. The route led from MacKay up to Townsville, across the Barkley Tablelands in outback Queensland, To Mount Isa's copper mines, and thence to the Stuart Highway and north to Katherine.

The NT is about as outback as it gets. The home of road trains (giant tractor/trailer combos hauling three full sized trailers) and we traveled the road voted Queenslands worst highway by thier Auto organisation, the RACQ. Man that was rough! Note the bugstains on the windscreen. The car was looking pretty grubby by then!

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A rather dark shot of Mark driving this leg

Some pretty spectacular sunsets up that way..

This is somewhere between Townsville and Mount Isa renovation.

More of that sunset

An (unsuccessful) attemptto capture the grandure of the stars from our hotel in the middle of Queensland

More of those velvet stars

Clouds on the way through Queensland

A roadtrain simmilar to the one that nearly killed us. Note the bug splashes all over the windscreen!

Bree at the Barkley Roadhouse, in the middle of nowhere

Barkley Roadhouse. Nice place, but extremely isolated.

Out of Queensland and on the Stuart Highway at last!

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