The Road to Queensland.



We took Virtually no pictures in Canberra. Mostly becasue we were involved in family matters, Canberra being where Mark's eldest son, David, lives.

We did visit the War Memorial, and The Tidbinbilla Tracking station, and took some pictures in the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. Bree got up close and friendly with some Kangaroos, but they didnt want to be petted. Which was pretty brave of her, considering a couple of them were taller than she was..

When we left Canberra, we went back to Sydney to visit the American Consulate, then continued North to Brisbane, Via Coffs Harbour. There is some very pretty scenery up there.

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These are the big guys bree went chasing.

These are the areas that the kangas roam free in.

This fella was watching us for a while, but declined to approach.

The Grey Kangas are smaller, and even more timid.

Cute, huh?

And they get hard to spot, too

The hills behind the reserve, misty with rain.

Bree posing by the waterfowl enclosure. Did I mention it rained the whole time?

On the way up, we did a detour via a backroad. 

This is Wiesman's ferry, I think. 

Beutifull place, anyway

Bree, enjoying the late afternoon sun

Check out the view!

On the Freeway to Newcastle, we stopped..

At a rest stop overlooking the freeway..

And some kind stranger took some pics of us together.

Bree was playing with her hair a lot that day.

But she was having fun, I suppose!

North of Coffs harbour, we came across a little tourist trap that breeds Koalas. Bree feeding he Ducks there.

They let you actually pat the koalas...

The Koalas are young, and raised around people, so are quite used to being petted.

Bree was just overcome, these guys were so cute!

Smile for the Camera People!

Our new family???

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