South Australia



South Australia.. Marks Birthplace. We went through the state very fast, hurrying to make our deadline for Bree's flight. A stop at the Opal Fields of Coober Pedy, one of the worlds largest Opal mining centres. We stayed in a hotel built into the side of a cliff, with the rooms hewn from the opal baring rock. We bought some great opals in this little frontier town.

We stopped for a half hour or so at the old rocket range of Womera, but Bree slept and Mark only took some pictures of the Museum pieces. Those pictures are available on request.

Onwards to Adelaide. We didnt have time to tour much, just an overnight stop and lunch at Mount Lofty on the way out. Bree was not feeling well by this time, hadnt really since Katherine.

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THe door to our Room in Coober Pedy.

The table on the other side of the room

The bedside of the room

Yep, right out of the rock. laquered over after cutting. The rock is quite soft otherwise.

The whole hotel is like this... even the dining rooms and shops. 

The fire watch tower at Mt Lofty.

The panorama of Adelaide. Quite nostalgic for Mark

Adelaide is spread out quite like LA.. only smaller. Pop 1,000,000

Sea to the west, hills to the east. its a quiet little city.

Clouds over the City panorama.

Some shots of our intrepid adventurers.

Bree looking fetching

This was a beutiful day, weather wise.. and a day for relaxing, knowing we were on schedule for Bree's plane.

Bree looking happy, too!

A big toothy smile!

Who wouldnt smile, with this gorgeous creature with them? If you look closely, you can see one of the Opals we bought at her throat.

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