A pictorial exposition of The Big Trip

Mark Lambert and Bree meet for the first time, and take a little trip...

This is the chronicle of the adventures of Bree and Mark, on their first meeting....

We met in in person for the first time in Melbourne airport June 4th, 2001. After a couple of days getting to know each other, we set out on a round-Austraila trip, which eventually took us to the USA. as well. read on....

Sydney was our first stop. We stayed in this  Hotel  for a few days. We went on a nice walk around  Circular Quay .
We took a  Boat Trip  around Sydney harbour one day. A visit to  Taronga Zoo  followed the next day.

Then we moved on to Canberra, but came back to Sydney for a couple of days, this time staying at the
Novotel by the Olympic Park. Then we drove up to Brisbane via Coffs Harbour. See the  Pictures  of this Leg.

We bypassed Brisbane and went, by special request of Bree's friend Cat, to look for Steve Irwin's  Australia Zoo. Wow, what a nightmare finding a hotel! we ended up in this dinky, run down one star motel. The cockroaches had all left, it was so bad! but it was a room and a bed, and we found the Zoo next morning. That same day, we arrived in  MacKay , North Queensland. Home of Mark's brother, Stephen, and his mother, Margaret and her husband, Dennis.

It was in MacKay that we purchased a digital Camera, most of the rest of the photo's are taken with this.

The next stage took us through the  Queensland outback and into  Katherine , NT. After a few days there, where Ron and the local insects made brees life difficult we started back to the south. The time was running out, and Bree's plane was waiting. So we hurried a bit.. no photo's of Alice Springs I'm afraid.

We did spend a couple of days in  Ayres Rock .  Then a whirlwind drive through  South Australia , trying to get home to Melbourne in time for Bree's flight. Once we got home to  Melbourne , we rested the two days until it was time for Bree to go home.

Unfortunately, Bree was still very ill, and, despite a doctors certificate saying she was too ill to fly, American Airlines refused to extend her stay. In fact, the penalty clauses were so steep, it was cheaper for mark to escort her home than to extend her stay. Which is how Mark wound up in the USA.

We spent 4 weeks together in the US, 3 weeks in Washington DC, New Jersey and Rhode Island (where her parents live). and a week in Los Angeles where Bree attended the GH fan club weekend and Mark broke his return Journey for one last week with his love. Hardly any pictures exist from this month, save for some at  Bree's home .

And then home to Australia for Mark, and home to Washington for Bree, and that is the end of our journey, and this web page!

Have fun!

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