Mark and Briana's Wedding day! 

We made it to our special day! Mark and I got married on 8 November, 2001.

We unfortunately didn't get any pictures taken of the ceremoy itself ,
but that night some dear friends took us out to celebrate. These pictures
are from that dinner. Thanks to Pat for the photos!

Click on the picture to get a larger Images.

Amanda is toasting us

See how expecntant we look?

A closeup of the toastmistress Amanda


Ahh finally we can drink.

And kiss! Don't fall into sugar shock. We do this kissing thing a LOT!

The happy couple!

Another one of the happy couple!

Awww he's so kissable!

See? I just can't help myself!

Feeding Mark the wedding cake. It was scrumptuous!

The wedding cake, a chocolate cheesecake!

From left to right clockwise from bottom:
Pat, Jenna, Terry, Bree, Mark, Mandy, Cat

Ahhh I have him trained well already!

Are we tired or what?

More kissing!

An unposed picture that just makes me go...awww!

Formal pose outside the resturant

He likes to do this as much as I do :)

And another smooch!

The dinner locale 

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