Name:                            Mark J. Lambert
Address:                        Centreville VA
Date of Birth:                 17th July, 1959

             Crestron Certified Programmer            HP-UX, AIX, SCO, SOLARIS, LINUX
          AMX Certified Programmer           Shell Script
          AMX Certified Installer
          TCP/IP Networking
          Infocomm Certified Technology Specialist           Internet ISP.. DNS/Network Design/TCP-IP
          UNIX Systems Administration          C programming
          UNIX Consultancy           Windows 3.x ,95/98/2000/XP, Office and Windows apps
          Unix Security           ACCELL 4GL programming


 Audio Visual Control Systems Programmer

Hoppmann Audio Visual
14201 Sullyfield Circle, Suite 400
Chantilly, VA  20151-4019
February 2004 – Present

Control Systems Programing

Programing AMX and Crestron audio visual systems controllers. This involves programming, installing, troubleshooting and training users on highly complex control units that can automate projectors, screens, drapes, audio & video switchers, power controls, PC integrated presenters, Video Teleconferencing gear, and miscellaneous equipment so that the whole can be controlled in a simple manner from a touch screen. This also involves coordinating between users, design engineers, install teams and equipment vendors to ensure smooth installation, service and operation of AV systems.

For a list of large projects I have programmed, please Click Here

Linux Engineer/Audio Visual Control Systems Programmer

Custom Fit Corporation
4425 Brookfield Corp Drive, Suite 800
Chantilly, VA  20151-4019
January 2003 – February 2004
Linux builds and support, PC builds and general duties

Responsible for building and supporting Linux machines and Beowulf clusters for a small Systems Integrator. Also responsible for PC builds, from 1 to 120 machines at a time. I am A+ certified and am studying for my MCSE. General duties as needed, from on site visits to pulling cables in Audio/Visual systems installations.

Since March 2003, full time programmer of Audio Visual control systems. I am a certified Expert programmer in AMX systems, and am qualifying for Intermediate Level programmer with Crestron control systems.

Courier Driver

Roadrunner Couriers
Woodruff Ct.
Springfeild, VA
September 2002 - January 2003
Driving a courier van.

Your basic Courier Driver. I am one of the top 5 drivers in the fleet.

PHP Developer


August 2002 - Ongoing
Honing my programming skills.

PHP, MY-SQL and web page development, plus webmaster duties for Timeless Tales book
review site. See my work at

Casual Work

Custom Fit Corporation
4425 Brookfield Corp Drive, Suite 800
Chantilly, VA  20151-4019
June 2002
Built a 32 node Beowulf cluster.

Worked casually for 1 week building a 32 node cluster. This system comprised of high end P4 Zeon machines that needed to be assembled from components, then loaded with Red Hat Linux and configured as a Beowulf cluster.

Extended break

December 2000 – June 2002
The first part of 2001 was spent recovering from a shoulder injury, followed by an extended tour of Australia and the USA. Thereafter waiting for INS processing in the US.

Contract Systems Administrator

Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind
557 St Kilda Rd. Melbourne VIC 3000
September 2000 – December 2000
Systems administration duties with a charitable institution.

The RVIB is a large charity doing work for the blind. Spread across several campuses across Melbourne, they are handicapped by lack of funds to provide first line equipment. The challenge was to provide modern services on a minimal budget. Duties included modernisation of servers, rationalising their network design, improving security, and upgrade of services, in addition to all the normal functions of a systems administrator.

Unix Systems Consultant

GlobalCenter Pty Ltd
190 City Rd. South Melbourne VIC 3205
April 2000 – July 2000
Technical Account manager.

While working for GlobalCenter was responsible for satisfying customer requirements for systems infrastructure, from the racking requirements of their machines, through to networking connectivity, Firewalling, Shared load balancing and DNS services. Configuring Monitoring systems. Problem solving of Client problems. Advising clients on technology and infrastructure issues. GlobalCenter’s clients varied from the technologically sophisticated to the new entrants into the Internet arena. Designed and Implimented the Corporate backup system.

Internet Experience

Out of hours Self Experience work
Since 1992, Ongoing
Experience in Internet technologies.

Since 1992, when I was Beta testing software for Oz-email’s initial rollout, I have been involved in the Internet, not just as a user but investigating technologies and advising others in solutions. More recently, I have established a small not-for-profit ISP in my own home.

Responsibilities included:

Unix Systems Consultant

Fulcrum Consulting Group
L12/10-16 Queen St. Melbourne VIC 3000
May 1999 – December 1999
Consultancy services and technical support to Fulcrum’s Client base.

Responsibilities included:

Contract Systems Administrator/ Technical Resource

TABCORP Victoria
Melbourne VIC
June 1998 – May 1999
Systems Administration and technical consulting role. 3 months, extended twice.

Routine Systems Administration tasks with TABCORP’s Systems Admin team. Leading role in the installation and configuration of a major new High Availability, high performance back end system for Victoria’s Gaming Machine industry. This system uses IBM R50’s with AIX 3.2.1 and HA/CMP protocols. Provide expert advice and mentor role for TABCORP’s Systems Admin team during the transition from STRATUS/VOS to IBM/AIX Operating Systems. Write high level shell scripts for automated data transfer, systems administration and housekeeping.

Technical Team Leader, UNIX systems

ANZ Banking group
Melbourne VIC
June 1997 – June 1998
Systems administration and technical consulting role.

Provide technical expertise to the bank’s Project groups. Provide Systems Administration, UNIX Build and consulting services to project teams developing new applications on UNIX platforms throughout this multinational company. Supervise staff in the routine operations of project Systems Administration.

Various short term contract Systems Administration roles

Contract Systems Manager

Campbelltown City Council
June - October 1996
Manage Council IS Department. Oversee the implementation and installation of network upgrade.

Systems Administrator

GEC Marconi Systems Australia
October 1994-June 1996
Administration and support for a network of 25 Unix hosts and 70 related X terminals for the ADCNET project

Systems Administrator / Programmer

Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science
Frome Road, Adelaide SA 5000
October 1989–October 1994
Administration, support and programming for a network of 7 Unix hosts and related Terminal Servers, PC’s and an RDBMS supporting a statewide Pathology system.

Responsibilities included:

Contract Programmer

Vision Systems
Technology Park, The Levels SA
September & October 1989
Maintenance programming of a security system and purchase and installation of additional Unix nodes

Contract Programmer

Adelaide Children’s Hospital (now the Adelaide Women and Children’s Hospital)
King William Street, North Adelaide SA 5000
April–August 1989
Solely wrote two applications—Pharmacy Dispensing System & Pharmacy Stores Ordering System—and member of programming team which produced the Outpatients Booking System


UNIQUE Software
30 Flinders Street, Kent Town SA 5067
May 1987–April 1989

Second in charge of Technical branch, overseeing hardware installations, O/S implementation, and programming of applications for general and vertical markets


My hobbies include reading, four wheel drive touring, choral singing and camping.
I am married to a US Citizen, and am a Legal Resident Alien (green card holder)