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What to say here? I'm terrible at these sorts of things!

Name:Briana Jade Lambert

Age:Over thirty!


Occuption: Editor for a romance book publisher.

Martail status: Gee, look at our front page <Grin> Yep, I'm married to 'The Aussie Wonder', 'The FonDUDE'
Hobbies: Well, I have a great many of these. Music is and will always be a HUGE hobby and interest of mine. I've been to about 7,000 concerts across the country from Boston to Miami, from LA to Chicago and New York and every place in between! Those were fun days, but now that I'm settled and married, I'm lucky to be able to see my favorites as they pass through town!

I'm also a voracious reader and an unpublished author. Maybe someday I'll be able to announce a fiction sale here :)

The Internet, email, pen palling have all been a part of my life for many years. The day just isn't the same without me sorting through a couple thousand emails.

I've always loved travel and visiting Australia was...there just are no words to describe the beauty of this land.

I hope that's enough infor for now :) Cheers!

Breezy AKA Briana
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