My Biography! 

Welcome to me!

I don't blow my trumpet much, so this is a bit of a first for me.. 
Bear with me as I do this!

OK, lets start with a few basics:
    Height:  6 Ft 1 in.  (185cm)
    Weight:  240Lbs    (114Kg)
    Born:     17th July 1959  (42 as of this writing)
    Eyes:      Blue
    Hair:       Brown (well, gray and brown)
    I'm an expatriate Australian living in the USA.

I'm currently residing in Virginia, USA. For all intents and purposes, I'm in Washington DC. I'm here because I married the beutiful lady shown on the right. I'm very much in love, and she is, without doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me!
Thank you, Briana, for marrying me. You are my life, my love, and my soul.
I'm currently processing my Adjustment Of Status (AoS) with the US INS. I'm looking for work now that I have my work authorization papers.

I'm living in Virginia. I'ts a nice place. I live in an 8 story apartment complex, which is a first for me. I live here with Briana, two other flatmates, and a cat or two ;) Getting used to driving on the wrong side of the road was a chalenge, but I'm at home driving here now.
Before that I lived In Melbourne. Melbourne is a nice place. Of the three big cities in Australia I've lived, I think I like it the best.
Before that I lived in Canberra. This city is the capital of Australia, and is a planned city designed from scratch. It shows. Its beutiful, clean and safe. It nestles in a bowl valley in the mountains about 200 miles south of Sydney. I loved it there... but it's a government town and the razor gang slashed the project I was working on :(
I was born amd raised in Adelaide, South Australia. I lived there until 1996, when hte SA Government outsourced ALL it's computer operations to EDS. When Marconi waved lots of money under my nose to move to Canberra, the decision was kind of easy :)

Hobbies and Kids:
I like to go touring with my 4x4. I used to do this with a four wheel drive club, but now I'm in the USA, I'm in search of a good club. This is me doing it in the mud in the Little Desert National Park, Victoria, Australia. I loved my Land Cruiser, but I drive a nissan pathfinder these days.

 The lad on the left is my oldest Son, David. He was born in 1980, so he's 22 this year. He's a good lad. He's living in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, and is very serious about a girl named Erin.

The guy on the right is Andrew. He was born in 1983, so he's 19 this year. He is attending university in Melbourne, Australia. He is also very serious about a lass called Crystal.

The lass on the left is Deborah. She was born in 1985, so she's 17 this year. She is doing good in high school in Melbourne. She dumped her boyfriend the day before valentines day, so guys beware! (her dad is also protective!)

The gal on the right is Rachel. She was born in 1987, so she's 15. She's military mad, is in the Air Cadets, and can't stop taking aboutr her exploits therein! She wants to be a fighter pilot. She's smart enought to make it, too!


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